I am Judith Janssen

Prenatal yoga teacher and training specialist.


Yoga came on my path when I was working in a multinational corporation. It was love at first sight. After a while I realized yoga was actually changing the direction of my life and I chose to take a leap into the unknown and ended up graduating as a yoga teacher with the International School of Hatha Yoga Madrid.

During my first pregnancy I combined my passion for yoga and anatomy with a comprehensive view of pregnancy and birth. I specialized as a teacher of prenatal and postpartum yoga with OMMA School (Montse Cob) in Madrid.

I concluded various doula courses to be able to support women throughout their pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. (Doula Training with Montse Cob, Paramanadoula Course with Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers, Maternal-Infant support with Educer). 

I continue my learning on a regular basis through courses and workshops (The biomechanics of the pelvis. G.D.S. Method and Muscular Chains; Intensive workshops with teachers such as Donna Farhi).

Currently, I teach prenatal and postpartum yoga, pregnant couples workshops, and work as a doula assisting childbirth and postpartum, while raising my two beautiful sons. My intention is to empower women to trust their own bodies and the process of childbirth, and to accompany them on the miraculous and transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and all that comes after.

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