Judith Janssen

Midwife in training, prenatal yoga teacher, childbirth educator, doula


Being pregnant and giving birth are one of the few experiences left in our modern society that are unpredictable, uncontrollable and, therefore, deeply emotional. They are part of a transformation, a transition to motherhood, which begins before conception and lasts throughout life. These are experiences that take you to the edge of your limits and by doing so, show you what you are capable of.

Trust and autonomy
For pregnancy and childbirth to become enriching experiences trust and autonomy are required: Trust, in oneself, in the biological processes and in the people who accompany you. Autonomy, to make your own decisions and feel empowered to do this.

Authenticity, respect and competence
I am dedicated to offer authentic and respectful birth care. I am dedicated to empower and inform based on scientific evidence and current best practices. I would love to accompany you in this miraculous and transformative life event.

The pregnancies and births of my two children were really transformative for me, not only as a woman and mother, but also for my professional career. They initiated and continue to direct the path I am walking today. My professional education and experience go as wide as a degree in international law, corporate training, to doula work, perinatal yoga and midwifery. As a midwife, I found a way to unite my previous experience and my passions: the human body with its miraculous anatomy and physiology, supporting women and their partners, lifelong learning, teaching, scientific research, to strive for respectful and evidence-based birth care and to welcome each new life with wonder and love.

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About physiological birth, about what happens in your body during pregnancy, birth and postpartum? Do you want to make informed decisions, based on scientific evidence?

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So far, I have accompanied more than 100 women and their partners during pregnancy, in birth and during the postpartum period, both in Spain and in the Netherlands

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