Private workshops

A tailor-made gift for you, your baby and your partner

If the dates of the workshops do not suit you, or you want a course crafted for you, I can offer private workshops at the dates and places that you prefer.

Enjoy time with you, your baby and your partner

These workshops are a great opportunity to take care of yourselves and connect with each other.

Get ready and get answers to all your questions

The content of the courses adapt to your specific needs and allow you to resolve your doubts and questions.

Book a special getaway

Book a nice accommodation and a private workshop as a gift to yourself, your baby and your partner. The only thing you need is enough space for two yoga mats on the floor.


What workshop do you prefer?

Chose one or do both of them and enjoy a 25% discount.


Childbirth preparation - 100€

There is a lot of fear and distrust around the process of childbirth. It´s natural to feel excited about such a life-changing event as giving birth to a baby. Fear however, often comes from not understanding or not trusting the natural process of childbirth. Therefore, in this course you will learn about how women´s bodies are designed and programmed to give birth without complications. This course will provide you:

  • Answers to your questions and concerns.
  • An understanding of the physiological needs of a woman during labor so you can prepare according to the woman´s needs in the best way possible.
  • A practice of favorable movements and transitions for the different labour stages: prodrome, dilation and expulsive.
  • You will discover the benefits of breath and sound during childbirth.
  • We will explore ways in which your partner can be of physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Duration: 3h


Postpartum resources - 75€

The first hours and weeks after birth are critical. However, it´s very difficult to anticipate how different your life will be when your little one is born. Caring for a newborn is a demanding task in itself and being well prepared for postpartum will avoid unnecessary nerves and fatigue.

  • You will find out what is most important in the first few hours of your baby´s life.
  • We will talk about the different phases of postpartum and the development of your baby.
  • You will know how to listen and care for your needs and those of your baby at all times.
  • We will explore movements and postures for a gradual recovery.
  • You will learn more about breastfeeding, resting and nutrition.
  • We will explore how the arrival of a baby affects us emotionally and changes the family structure.

Duration: 2h


Enjoy you pregnancy
and get ready for childbirth

Take his opportunity to enjoy your pregnancy and learn with these workshops.